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5 Things To Do Before Selling Your Home

5 Things To Do Before Selling Your Home

When you want to sell your home, especially if it is an older style property, you don’t want potential buyers making a list of the things they need to fix and reduce their offer price.

Here are five things you should consider fixing before putting your home on the market.

1. The First Impressions

Selling homes is often a numbers game. The more people you get to see your property, the more likely you are to sell it and get a higher price for it as well.

It is therefore important that the property makes a good impression on people when they arrive to view it.

If you turn buyers off before they get inside the house, it is going to be a lot harder to sell it. That means fixing anything broken outside or giving your front door a fresh coat of paint. Often these tasks take less than a few hours, so there’s really no excuse for presenting a home with a poor looking exterior.

It also means putting away and straightening up items inside and outside the property if it is currently still being occupied. Finally, it also means giving the property a good clean so it is presented in the best possible condition. These simple tasks can add a significant amount to the purchase price.

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2. The Walls

Paint – it is cheap, relatively easy to apply and will almost always pay for itself come sale time. A new coat of paint to fix any blemishes or a tired interior will make a lot of difference.

Walls with marked, chipped or damaged paint are very noticeable to buyers and need to be fixed before they view the property.

Ideally you would paint both the inside and the outside, because poor paint is quite common and even though it is just peeling paint, some potential purchasers could mistake it for a leak or internal damage.

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3. The Floors

How’s your floor looking? If tiles and other flooring are significantly worn, stained or damaged, you should consider either replacing it, or doing your best to clean it up.

If the flooring is not in great condition and there are floorboards underneath, that can be an affordable option. The labour cost is just sanding and polishing the floorboards.

4. Potential Hazards

Chances are over the years you have learned to avoid that sharp brick that sticks out slightly from your wall. You have probably forgotten it’s even there.

But potential buyers visiting the property for the first time will almost certainly find a way to hurt themselves on it, so you should fix anything that could trip or injury people as they walk through the home.

Damaged pathways as you walk to the front door that someone trips over is going to be a negative thought in the minds of the potential buyer.

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5. The Roof

Leaks or ceiling marks will be among the first things that are picked up in a property inspection, so if you know there are issues there, get in and fix them now.

If it is a house and lot, re-doing an entire roof is not cheap, but an obviously damaged roof will either deter buyers, or cause them to look for other defective areas throughout the home in an attempt to reduce the sale price.

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