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6 Signs a Home Has a Great Location

6 Signs a Home Has a Great Location

We all know that location is the most important factor to consider when buying a property – whether for investment purposes or to live in. But what makes a location better than another location? In this Nook article we explore this question.

Here are six signs to help you work out whether your potential home purchase has a good location.

Sign 1: It’s Located at the Center of Everything

A great location means being at the heart of popular spots such as the city center, near landmarks, and public transport. Typically being at the center of lot’s of different food, shopping, transport, medical and educational facilities means it’s a good location and likely to appreciate in value over time. These are all common characteristics that most home buyers look for, so you can’t go wrong.

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Sign 2: Plenty of Shopping Options

Being a short walk or commute from shopping malls and popular shopping destinations is a highly desirable must-have for many home buyers. If you want access to the best shopping facilities or simply want to stroll through malls when you have nothing to do, consider the property’s distance from major malls. Even smaller malls are fine provided that have all the essentials people need including groceries, basic supplies, and medical is an advantage as well.

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Sign 3: The Views

The best properties have the best views, period. So that means having a panoramic outlook over landmarks, city skyline, parks, golf courses, etc. Views are a top priority of many potential buyers so choosing a location with city or bay views is ideal.

The last thing you, or a buyer of your property, wants is a view directly into the apartment building next door. So be mindful of any potential building approvals in the area so your expensive view does not become worthless later. This can happen.

Sign 4: Transportation Close By

Homes in the best location have easy access to public transport and roads. Easy access to main thoroughfares and getting to the airport quickly are typically well regarded. Also look for locations that have quick access out of busy city centers for those times you need to get away.

Sign 5: Coffee Time

When it is time for a caffeine hit, having a great coffee shop or two within easy reach is great. Also being within walking distance to popular restaurants is a big plus.

Most people love a good cup of coffee or nice bite to eat. We’re all human and these are typically daily routines for most people.

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Sign 6: Schools and Education

For families with young children as well as those attending university, the daily commute to school is a part of life. So having a school or university  nearby to reduce time in traffic is a huge bonus. love a good cup of coffee or nice bite to eat. We’re all human and these are typically daily routines for most people.

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