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7 Damage Free Ways to Decorate Your Rental Property

7 Damage Free Ways to Decorate Your Rental Property

Renting has its advantages: you never have to worry about interest rate increases or condo association dues, you can move out at the end of the lease if you like, and there are ways to make the place feel like home as well.

Although big renovations to the rental property are mostly not allowed for tenants, there are lot’s of changes you can make without needing to get the property owners approval. And most of the ideas we list below won’t cost much either.

Here are seven ways to decorate your rental property.

1. Use Temporary Flooring

You may not have the property owners permission, or the budget to go ahead and replace old flooring but you can always hide it. Cover up flooring with a handful of rugs or rubber flooring. This can hide unsightly floors.

7 Damage Free Ways to Decorate Your Rental Property | Nook

2. Hang Some Photos

A cheap way to decorate a rental property is to hang some photographic memories around. You don’t need to cover every wall with photos, just enough to lighten the room.

Framed photos of bonding moments with friends and family will add a bit of colour to your home.

3. Decorate with Art

Hanging art on the walls can turn a dated looking rental into a beautiful home that you will be proud to call your own.

Picking art that suits your personality will help lift your mood even on those occasional bad days.

7 Damage Free Ways to Decorate Your Rental Property 2a | Nook

4. Include Plants

Plants are a cheap and easy way to brighten any home. Adding a few potted plants will breathe life into the room and make it feel a little more like home.

Try to pick plants that are better suited to the indoors as this will save you time constantly needing to give them sunlight.

7 Damage Free Ways to Decorate Your Rental Property 3 | Nook

5. Temporarily Replace Old Curtains

Curtains can often be in place for many years and never get replaced by the property owner. And they are one item that can look dated quickly.

But tenants can hang their own curtains relatively cheaply and it can make a big difference to a home and you easily reverse any changes you have made when you leave at the end of the lease term.

7 Damage Free Ways to Decorate Your Rental Property 5 | Nook

6. Better Lighting

Often the lightbulbs in a rental property can be a bit dim and as a result, the home is darker than you would like at night.

When this is the case, there are two options. The first is replace the bulbs with brighter ones. Or, alternatively, add decorative lamps throughout the home to add another light source to brighten the mood.

The second option is more of an investment for yourself because you can always take your lamps with you when you leave.

7 Damage Free Ways to Decorate Your Rental Property_5

7. Make Use of Mirrors

Mirrors can add space and light to any home. Full height mirrors are a good option at the end of hallways, and smaller mirrors look good when hung on a wall.

7 Damage Free Ways to Decorate Your Rental Property 6

Check with the Property Owner

Even though the changes noted here will not be an issue, it is worth discussing your ideas with the property owner before doing anything. This will show that you are a tenant that cares about their property.

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