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7 Qualities That Make a Good Broker

7 Qualities That Make a Good Broker

While every broker and agent has their own way of doing things, those worth the money share a few things in common.

Here are seven qualities to look out for when searching for the perfect broker or agent.

1. They communicate well

It can be annoying to deal with a broker or agent who is not communicating regularly or effectively. The real estate market is time-sensitive so you need someone who constantly keeps you up-to-date about your situation – whether you are buying or selling. If they don’t, clients waste a lot of time chasing answers and updates.

It’s a common complaint in fact that poor communication from brokers agents is one of the biggest frustrations for buyers, sellers and renters. It is a common story of bad brokers and agents that people inquire about a property and never hear back from them. That sort of unprofessionalism is something that the owner of the property would be displeased to hear about.

2. They’re proactive

A good broker or agent should be proactively contacting potential buyers or renters and constantly chasing new leads. Again, an important part of being proactive is keeping the client well informed.

A simple test is this – if your clients keep calling you, you are not giving them enough information.

3. They listen

Most good brokers and agents will tell you to be wary of any agent who talks too much. If you can’t get a word in when talking with them, then you will probably have a problem.

A client should be doing most of the talking and the broker or agent should make sure they understand the clients needs. A good broker should be asking all the questions, not the client.

Some clients like to liaise with email, some like text messages, and others like phone calls. The broker / agent needs to adapted their style to the clients’ preferred communication method.

4. They’re motivated

Buying and selling can be stressful so it is important that the broker or agent makes sure that the client is supported and happy. If the client gets a good deal on the sale or rent, the broker gets a good deal. So brokers and agents need to have their clients needs as their top priority.

5. They know the location

Selling is more than just about a property, there is a lifestyle that comes with it – this requires an understanding of the local area. So the best brokers and agents have a keen understanding of the location and everything that is in and around a property they are selling or renting.

6. They know the timeframe

Is the client in a rush to sell? Can they take their time? Are there personal circumstances forcing a sale or making life difficult for the client? A good broker or agent will understand this.

If the client needs to sell soon, the broker should know this and should be working to a tighter timeframe. If the client is not in a rush, then the broker can take their time to receive more offers and attempt to drive up the price.

7. They will give client references

If a client has decided on a broker or agent and they want to make sure that they really are the best for them, asking for references or to speak with their last 10 clients is a great way to make the final decision. A good broker or agent should be able to give positive references from any of their past clients.

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