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9 Things That Will Discourage Buyers

9 Things That Will Discourage Buyers

While there is no perfect way to sell a home, there are definitely a few wrong ways to do it.

Every broker has their own selling method and every purchaser will react differently to their property listing. As diverse as the potential buyers may be they are still human after all. This means there is still a form of ‘rulebook’ for selling your property.

Potential buyers simply won’t be impress with dirt, bad smells, or a cluttered environment. The goal is for you to help them imagine themselves living in your home.

So bearing that in mind, here are nine things that will turn off any potential buyer of your property.

1. Dust and Dirt

Having a potential buyer walk into a home that is not well presented is the quickest way to lose a sale. Buyers will simply walk away if they are overwhelmed with dirt, dust and other nasties. Make a serious effort to make the property as clean as possible. Hiring a professional cleaner is a good idea and will almost always pay for itself.

2. Clingy Sellers

Sometimes sellers are eager to sell their property. Maybe a little too eager. This is especially the case where they are keen on buying another property and need their current home sold.

But give the broker space to do their job and the potential buyers the room they need to look around and make a proper decision. Having a seller follow the buyer through the home during a viewing can be a turn off for many. Having someone 2 feet behind the buyer looking over their shoulder could be enough to make the buyer leave quickly. Relax and let them look around. The best idea is to not even attend the viewing and leave it to the broker.

3. Smells

Most property experts agree that the simplest way to appeal to a prospective buyer is to have plenty of fresh air in the home during the viewing. If it is a hot day though, air out the home for several hours and then about 30 minutes prior to a viewing, close it up and turn on air conditioning to cool the home down (see point 5 below).

Having a neutral smell in the home can be preferable because different people like different scents. Burning your favourite incense might be pleasing to you but may not be well received by your potential buyer. However, burning incense might be a good idea if there is a smoker in the house because cigarette smells are a turn off for most people.

4. Clutter

A messy home detracts from the property appeal in so many ways. Firstly, it makes the home appear smaller. The more things you have laying around, the more space it takes up, and the more the rooms feel smaller.

Secondly, it is not presenting the property in its best light. Your belongings might be nice to you but may not be to your buyer.

Thirdly, no buyer wants to walk into a home and feel like they are intruding upon someone’s life. Having your stuff everywhere makes the buyer feel like they are in someone’s else’s home, which they are, but they shouldn’t feel like they are inconveniencing the seller.

And finally, the seller needs to help the buyer imagine what its like to live in the home. Having belongings everywhere makes this harder for the buyer.

5. Temperature

If your home is too hot or too cold your buyers will not be comfortable. It’s called the ‘Goldilocks effect’. It may not ruin the sale, but buyers can get turned off when they don’t experience your property while being comfortable. They may also start asking questions about your air conditioning systems, looking for ways to reduce the asking price.

Ideally you want the home to be between 22°C and 25°C. This is the most ideal climate that removes temperature as even an issue for the prospective buyer.

6. Lack of Price

The online listing for the property is typically the first time prospective purchasers will see your home. So in order to get their attention it must provide all relevant details.

This obviously includes the asking price of the home. Many purchasers will immediately rule out your home and scroll to the next one if they cannot find this basic information. Most will not take the time to enquire about the price and simply move on because budget is one of the key issues for the buyer.

7. No Photos or Poor Quality Images

How many people would enquire about a property they have not seen? Photos are the single most powerful tool a seller has to motivate a prospective purchaser to reach out and enquire about a property. Buyers need the images in order to imagine living in your home or in order to gauge how the property would perform as an investment.

Likewise, poor quality images have a similar effect. They turn off buyers. If the photos are not portraying the property as best as it can, it will result in buyers scrolling pass the listing or pushing to reduce the asking price.

High quality images cannot be stressed enough in order to maximise the sale price and limit the homes’ time on the market. A cluttered house with poor quality images is the death knell of the property sale.

8. Personal Photographs

This one is similar to number four above. Remember that you as the seller are not the person buying the home. So you should aim to create a ‘blank canvas’ for the prospective buyer to imagine what their life would be like living in your home.

This means removing any notes, certificates or documents; painting the home in neutral colours; and taking down any personal photographs. In fact, any evidence of you and your family living in the home should be hidden from sight during the photo shoot and all viewings.

9. Your Broker

Few things will turn off a buyer like a rude or unhelpful broker. Unreturned phone calls and text messages being top of the list of grievances for prospective buyers.

A good broker can be the difference between you getting the asking price you are after and reducing the amount of time the property sits on the market waiting to be sold.

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