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    Home Loans

8 Tips to Make Buying Your Home Easier

8 Tips to Make Buying Your Home Easier

Nook Admin – January 6, 2020

Here are eight tips to help you find, secure and keep your dream home.

Finding the Home

1. Look for Investor-Type Criteria and Owner Appeal

What does that mean? It means you need to find a home that you want to live in now but will be easy to sell again later if you want to.

Buy a property that is in a good area and has good features. For example, some factors worth looking for include: location, whether it has car parking (even if you don’t have a car), good views, as well as extra features such as air conditioning, and if it is in a condo building, whether it has good amenities and, importantly, is well managed and maintained by the condo management team. Some condos look good at the time they are built but if they are poorly managed, they will soon look tired and damaged which will reduce your homes’ value very quickly.

2. Get to Know Your Broker

Don’t have your broker on speed dial? That’s your first mistake. It is recommended that you call your broker(s) regularly to ask them if they have any new properties that are not yet on the market and if you could see them before they come onto the market.

Regularly touch base with brokers and see if you can recommend their services to friends and family (if you have anyone looking to buy or sell). Hopefully, it will help you to get extra services and support from your broker.

3. Get Extra Advice

If you are serious about a property, the next step is to get further advice. Try to get independent advice to find out if the property is worth it.

Securing the Home

4. Make an Offer

If you have found the property you want and you have already done your numbers on the price, don’t be scared to make an offer you are comfortable with. The key to success is to put in an offer with a deposit cheque.

This means the offer is not conditional on you selling your current home. It is also suggested that you submit an odd number in the offer as it looks like you have push yourself to your maximum price and can’t afford to pay anymore.

Financing the Home

5. Be Careful When Calculating Your Expenses

It might be all about location when you are finding your home but when it comes to financing, it’s all about your savings. So, get familiar with your personal financial position. Make sure you are realistic about your monthly expenses, any existing debt you might have such as a personal loan or credit card.

Also make sure you have a good understanding of your loan borrowing power. In addition, it is a really good idea to understand the additional costs associated with buying a home and ensuring that you have budgeted for them.

6. Be Organised

Have your documentation sorted out early. Documentation often holds up the application process so make sure you provide all paperwork at the start of the loan process including payslips, bank statements and any other financial statements of debts you might have.

7. Use Online Services to Streamline the Process

It’s a digital world now. Gone are the days when it was necessary to photocopy, print and mailing all your documentation for your bank. Borrowers can upload all their supporting documentation digitally as part of the online home loan application process.

8. Be Honest with the Information You Provide

To prevent any delays with your loan application, be honest and up front about your financial position. All buyers need to be honest and realistic about the information they share to prevent any hold-ups with their loan application.