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3 Ways To Make Home Loans Far Less Time Consuming And Confusing (Especially When You're Busy Working)

3 Ways To Make Home Loans Far Less Time Consuming And Confusing (Especially When You're Busy Working)

Mia E – July 8, 2022

As a prospective homeowner, your first property is potentially the biggest investment you will ever make in your life, so you need to know how to get home loans right for you.

With multiple lenders and hundreds of ever-evolving mortgage products available – finding the home loan to suit your unique individual needs is not only a cumbersome and confusing process, but it usually requires shopping around.

But what about busy professionals who don’t have endless hours to spend browsing the market for home loans?

It’s clear that confusion and complexity controls the conversation. These can be murky waters to navigate if you don’t know where to start…

Fortunately for you, we’ve rounded some tips to help you on your quest for the best home loan.

1. Reach Out To A Competent Mortgage Broker

While this may seem obvious, most people would be surprised just how many prospective homeowners overlook the role of mortgage brokers, or how many are unaware of them altogether.

Why do we recommend this? It’s simple.

The property market poses a complicated set of challenges, and nobody knows that more than mortgage brokers. They function with one goal in mind: to assist their clients through the ins and outs of the home loan process. They offer a complete solution, with advice and planning for every situation.

Think of them as your personal home loan manager…

A broker knows exactly which mortgages you’ll be eligible to access – and even more importantly, which lenders will reject your application. It’s critical to know which lenders not to apply to when you’re in a hurry.

Mortgage brokers help you get it right the first time, which could potentially make or break your property purchase. What’s more? They also know which lenders have a fast application turnaround and which ones are currently struggling with service.

If you go directly to a bank, just remember that with so many different offers, it is easy to end up with a mortgage that is nowhere near as good as you had hoped.

Mortgage brokers have established robust relationships with multiple banks who are the best in business – allowing their clients to find the best home loans on the market.

So why deal with several applications and banks when you can have just one designated person to unify your mission at the best rates possible?

Get in touch with our home loan experts at Nook.

2. Understand That Expertise is Necessary

Besides access to better home loans, people often wonder what the point is in using a mortgage broker.

After all, is it really necessary?

We always tell them the same thing: a mortgage broker’s expertise is not just a supplement, it’s critical in helping you choose the best home loan.

Not only do they analyze the value of your investment but have the foresight to mitigate any potential issues before they arise.

A brief history…

Mortgage broking became mainstream in the 90s with the aim to fill a void in the market.

Today, mortgage brokers provide comprehensive, convenient, and cautious services for clients.

They offer a range of products and tailor loans to your specific needs. But that’s not all.

They also assist clients across a range of strategic pillars: from the initial enquiry, to preparing documents and right through to settlement and beyond.

Plus, for those who are self-employed or have a history of bad credit – getting home loans won’t come easily. With a broker, you will have wider access to specialist lenders who can help you get the best loan.

For busy business owners, or people who are always on the go – this will save you the most time.

3. Time is Money - Spend Yours Wisely

The old adage that time is money is most evident when it comes to securing home loans.

Not only does the act of researching lenders cost you time, but you could also be losing money too. As somebody with a busy working life, this is the last thing you need to be dealing with.

When you apply directly to lenders/banks, there is one thing that they love to spring at you: surprise fees. Whether this charge is for account fees or early exit fees, there are bound to be hidden costs that you won’t know about until it’s a done deal.

With the help of our home loan experts at Nook, you will have more transparency with the home loan fees – and they keep your best interests as their priority unlike banks, whose best interest is making a profit.

You want a service that is clear, superior, and sophisticated when it comes to the intricacies of your unique loan situation.

Get The Nook Advantage - Bold, Brilliant, Mortgage Brokers

Obtaining the best home loan doesn’t have to be as challenging as you think – far from it.

Simply by taking on board our 3 tried-and-tested tips, you can experience all the benefits without any of the common frustrations – no matter your circumstances.

Our seasoned mortgage brokers will be there with you through every phase of your homeowner journey.

Ready to get started?