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    Home Loans

Pre-qualification Process

IT Support – April 29, 2022

The pre-qualification process is a prerequisite for a Home Loan application. A borrower must first go through a pre-qualification to determine which banks will suit their requirements and to which bank they will get their home loan from.

Step 1 – Go to pre-Qualification page

From the homepage, on the nav menu go to Home Loans then click Pre-Qualification.

Nook Home Loans - Homepage Nave Menu Pre-Qualification

Step 2 – Start pre-qualification process

Click Get Pre-Qualified Now button then proceed to the pre-qualification wizard.

Nook Home Loans - Homepage Start Pre-Qualification

Step 3 – Fill out the Pre-qualification Wizard


Nook Home Loans - Pre-Qualification Wizard 1

Property Value (Php) will be the amount of the property you are planning to acquire, in which should not be lower than Php 625,000 because of some banks’ minimum requirement. Property Type and Property Status, if the status is Pre-selling, you are required to provide the Property Developer (will automatically appear when pre-selling is selected) as required by some banks.

Click Next to continue.


Fill in your Employment Type, Rank and Tenure. Some banks will also have their minimum requirement for Your Gross Monthly Income (Php), in which you can have more borrowing power by adding your other income sources or a co-borrower on the next page - Other Information.

Click Next to continue.


Nook Home Loans - Pre-Qualification Wizard 3

Put in your Birthdate, Nationality - for foreigners applying for a Home Loan, there will be additional requirements from the banks. If You own a credit card, banks will require you to declare your Credit Card Limit or in case of any negligence record. As banks will have minimum salary requirements, you can always extend your borrowing power by adding your Other Investments, Spouse or a Co-Borrower.

Click Next to proceed.


Nook Home Loans - Pre-Qualification Wizard 4

Indicate the Loan Type and Loan Term which also depends on what type of property you are acquiring. The Loanable Amount will depend on the banks whether they can offer you more, some banks might give you more than 80% of loanable amount.

Talk to a Nook Home Loan consultant so we can refer you to the best banks.

Click Finish to proceed and view bank results page.

Step 4 – Banks result page

You can now choose and Apply which bank to get your Home Loan from.

Nook Home Loans - Pre-Qualification Results

After pre-qualification, you can directly apply for a Home Loan by clicking the Apply Now button. Create a Nook account (or login) and proceed to the application wizard and submit your requirements. Once submitted, we will immediately give you a call to discuss your home loan applications and the next steps.

Or if you still require more information regarding these bank offerings, get in touch with our live chat support by clicking any of the buttons based from your preferred communication channel or schedule a call with our consultants.

Go to this page to schedule your free consultation call.