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How to Find the best Real Estate Broker

How to Find the best Real Estate Broker

One of the most important considerations when deciding to sell your property is which broker is going to sell it for you. Choosing the perfect real estate broker is vital to getting the best sale result possible for your home. 

There are some important things you should consider when choosing a broker to list your property with. Here are 6 quick tips to choose a real estate broker:

1. Do the Research

As with most things related to properties, research is important. You should find a broker with a history of good sale results in your area. Looking for things like average days on the market can tell you a lot about the broker. They give a clear indication of what it’s like to work with them, and what you can expect from them.

Create a list of the brokers that work in your area. Look at things like how many property listings they have, their recent sales, and importantly – how they market their properties (ie. look for how they present the properties they are selling).

2. Local Knowledge

When you talk with brokers you have shortlisted, find out how long they have worked in the area and ask them about their local knowledge. Question them about their recent sales in the area and their local knowledge. You are trying to work out if they are the right broker for you and your property. A good real estate broker would know as much about the property and the location as the seller. This shows they have an understanding of the marketplace.

3. Test Their Performance

Your chosen broker will be presenting your home to the public, so it is important to know that they can do this correctly. See how your shortlisted brokers are presenting properties of their other clients. Do their online property listings contain poor quality images and are they presenting their properties in a state of disrepair or unclean/untidy environments? If they are, ask yourself – is this really presenting their properties as best as they can? Because if they are not well presented, then it will most likely lead to buyers bargaining down the sale price further than you as the seller would really want.

Also check if their online listings contain useful, well drafted descriptions of their properties. Lacking information will simply lead to unqualified buyers sending unnecessary inquiries requesting additional information. This just wastes a brokers time and will mean they are are chasing buyers who may never intend to buy anyway.

4. Ask Lots of Questions

Ask brokers to take you through examples of other property sales and to talk you through how the sale happened and how the results were achieved. Importantly, what did the broker do themselves to achieve the good result? Ask them why they use certain sales approaches and what they think will work best for your property. What is their network like? Can they market your property now to potential buyers?

5. Selling Strategy

Any good real estate broker should have a strategy to sell your property. Their selling strategy should include points on presentation, marketing and negotiation so sellers can make decisions at the start of the sales campaign. Know how they plan to get your property sold from beginning to end.

6. Are You Comfortable?

Possibly the most important of all, are you comfortable having this real estate broker sell your property? The sale of a property is basically a partnership between the broker and the seller – both working to achieve the same outcome.

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