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How to Make Your Home Look Good For a Viewing

How to Make Your Home Look Good For a Viewing

Here are five things to remember when preparing your home for sale and getting ready for a potential buyers viewing.

Tidy Up

First impressions matter….a lot. This is why cleaning up your home goes a long way towards a successful sale. Not only does it help to present the home in the best possible condition, it gives the impression that you take care of the home.

Really clean your home and carry out all essential maintenance and repairs before you list your home. And give it a good tidy up before every viewing by a potential purchaser.

Also remember that property viewings start from outside the home so clean up and repair any issue outside the home as well.

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Leave Room for the Buyers Imagination

Buying a home is the most emotional purchase that many people will ever make. People know that where they choose to live can affect their lives in serious ways. Knowing these emotions is important to a successful inspection from a potential buyer.

As soon as a buyer walks into your home, they begin to visualise what their life would be like if they lived there. The easier you can make this process, the more likely you are to receive an offer from them to buy.

Try removing personal items, notes and other everyday items like the electricity bill sitting on your kitchen bench. But be careful not to make the house feel like it’s not lived in.

You need the buyer to walk in and easily imagine how nice it would be to live there. Create this impression, not the impression that they are walking into the current owners personal life.

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Consider of All the Buyers Senses

A bad smell of pets in the house may not seem like a big problem to you, but it will likely affect the overall impression of the potential buyer. They may then look at everything else in the home during the inspection less positively.

Remove any bad smells by opening the windows a few hours prior to any potential buyer viewing.

Uncomfortable heat is another detracting trait a buyer may be put off by. So too is poor lighting in the home. Both of these things could prevent a potential sale.

Cool the home to a comfortable temperature at least an hour before the viewing. Also open all curtains to let in sunlight as well as make sure all light bulbs are working.

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Provide All Information

A good broker will be able to explain to any potential buyer everything about the property including all local facilities and the nearest public transport. They should also arrive to viewings with as much knowledge about the property itself as well. That’s why it’s important that you provide as much information to your broker as possible. For example, if you live in a condo building, make sure your broker knows what the association dues are monthly or annually.

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