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Top Tips For Renting When You Have Pets

Top Tips For Renting When You Have Pets

Here is how to find yourself a pet-friendly condo and win over your landlord.

1. Talk to the Property Owner

Many renters don’t do this but it is an obvious step to take – especially when a property listing says “no pets allowed”.

Generally speaking, tenants who discuss the issue of pets with the property owner are much more likely to get a positive outcome.

Don’t be discouraged: Ask the property owner if having pets is okay, but remember to respect their decision.

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2. Offer to Pay More Rent

Property owners reluctant to allow pets in their premises are more likely to lower their standards if the tenant offers to pay more rent for the right to have a pet.

So, if you are willing to pay a little more than the advertised rental price to guarantee a home for your pet, then let the property owner know that. It could be the difference between getting that property or not.

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3. Draft a Pet Profile

Providing a property owner with exact details about your pet can go a long way to getting approval for you and your pet to move into your new home. This will help the property owner feel more confident about letting them move in.

Draft a letter of some description that includes the pet’s age, temperament, size, and attach a recent photograph.

You may also want to include references from a previous property owners or anyone who can provide a reference for your pet’s behaviour.

4. Think Like a Pet

If you were a dog, would you want to locked up all day in a one-bedroom apartment with no backyard to run around in?

Of course not, so search for a home that will be suitable for you and your pet.

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5. Ask For a Trial Period

If the property owner is not fully agreeing to have you move in with pets, ask if they would be willing to rent the property to you on a trial basis. That way they can see how your pet behaves in the property.

6. Get Agreements in Writing

If you agree with the property owner to pay a little more rent to be able to have a pet, or you are trialling the arrangement for a short period, be sure to get this agreement in writing. That way, if there is a dispute later on, you can refer to the agreement.

You may like to draft a separate pet agreement which outlines the terms and agreements made about having a pet in the property.

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7. Getting a Pet Later

If you are already renting a property and considering getting a pet, be sure to check with the property owner first and also the condo building association if applicable. You may be in breach of your rental contract or the associations by-laws related to pets. Best to find out the issue before you bring home your new furry family member.

8. Commit to Be Clean

Promise to the property owner that you will remove any trace of your pet when you finish your lease term. You will generally be required to clean the property when you move out, but providing further commitment to really deep clean the property might be enough to convince the property owner.

Finally, remember that it’s not always the property owners decision. As noted above, association laws may prohibit animals on the property, even if the landlord allows it.

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