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Nook Admin – October 27, 2021

Transcript of the video


Home loans are complicated and time consuming. So how do you make sure you avoid mistakes that could cost you thousands in the long run? And avoid being declined by a bank?

Hey Guys, I'm Cyrus from Nook - the Philippines mortgage broker. We will help you find the right home loan and get it approved by a major bank for absolutely no charge.

We help FIlipino families every day buy their dream property. And we know that getting a housing loan is a time consuming and complicated process. And mistakes are often made in the process. So in this video, we will explain the 3 most common home loan mistakes we see Filipinos make and what you can do to avoid them. But before we get started, for more home loan help, follow us on all social media or visit us at

Now, the first more common mistake is...

1. Not Shopping Around for the Best Loan

It's quite common for people to only go to 1 or 2 banks to apply for a home loan. Or they simply go to the bank that they are already banking with because they assume that because they are already a customer of the bank they will look after them and give them a loan. Shopping around for the right home loan for you doesn't take long and can save you thousands in the long run.

Finding the right home loan for your particular circumstances is easy with Nook and will ensure you make the best decision with your housing loan. The 2nd mistake is...

2. Not Getting Pre-Qualified

Most of the time, people have no idea which bank they are qualified to lend from without going through the entire home loan process. They go to the trouble of completing all the paperwork and sending it to the bank to see what happens. Apart from this approach being very time consuming, there is no guarantee that they will bank the lending criteria of those particular banks. And in the end they waste a lot of time.

The easier way is to have Nook pre-qualify you quickly so you are only applying to banks that you match the lending criteria of. And finally, the 3rd mistake is....

3. Previous Credit Issues

Sometimes people have had a credit card or personal loan issue in the past. This could have been years ago. The mistake people make is thinking that the bank won't find out about it, they will. But by declaring this issue to a Nook Home Loan Consultant, they can help you clear up past credit issues so that the bank is much more likely to approve the housing loan and there will not be delays in getting the loan processed.

So that's it. That's the 3 most common home loan mistakes and how to avoid them. Now, if you are looking for more home loan help, follow or Like us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter. Or visit us at

If you got value from this video today, please share it with just one person you know. We would appreciate that. See you next time.