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3 Things Great Real Estate Campaigns Have in Common

3 Things Great Real Estate Campaigns Have in Common

Great marketing, property presentation and a smart pricing strategy are the three elements sellers should focus on to get a great sale price.

In this article, we break down these 3 elements.

1. Marketing

It is hard to overemphasis the importance of marketing in a good sales campaign. Sellers and their agents should leave no marketing channel unused when it comes to marketing a property.

Just one extra potential buyer making an offer on a property can increase the sale price by P50,000-P100,000 or a lot more. If you compare the level of effort required to market the property in multiple marketing mediums for that extra cash, it is basically a no-brainer that you would advertise the property where ever you could.

Professional photography, a comprehensive online marketing campaign, plus print and social media are important. Presenting the home as best as possible (also known as “staging”) to show off its potential is also vital.

2. Property Presentation

Sellers want potential buyers to have an immediate emotional connection with a property when they view it, so they can imagine living there. This makes the presentation of the property absolutely critical.

It is recommended that sellers and their broker try to achieve a ‘pre-selling display home’ look throughout the marketing campaign.

It is all about presenting the property in a way that helps the buyer visualise living there. Having a well presented home and using quality photography enhances the property which in turn increases the sale price.

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3. Pricing Strategy

The pricing strategy needs to find a balance between being ambitious with the owners’ price expectations, while at the same time being consistent with market valuations.

A lot of potential buyers determine if they’re going to view a property based only on the price that is advertised, so it is really important to know that the pricing strategy has a direct impact on that. It is an extremely important actor in getting the highest possible price in the sale.

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