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5 Ways to Position Your Clients Home for Selling Success

5 Ways to Position Your Clients Home for Selling Success

It’s the first question from most owners when they want to sell their home: How much is my property worth? It is a hard question to answer because there are a lot of factors that can affect the homes value. But there are things you can instruct your client do to their home to give it a better chance of achieving a great sales result.

Here are five ways for your client to position their condo or house & lot for selling success.

1. Start from the Front

While most potential buyers will first see the condo or house & lot online, some of them may follow up with a visit to the street to see it for themselves. So it is important that their first impression is a great one.

Have the client clean up the front of the home. That means fixing any items that are damaged, applying paint to freshen up the outside, remove any rubbish or stored items, and anything else that will generally create a more welcoming feeling.

2. New Paint Does Wonders

One of the most cost effective ways to add to the sale price of your clients home is for them to give the home a fresh coat of paint.

Using light, neutral colours instantly give the home the sense of space and freshness, which will impress most potential buyers. Remember, new paint generally feels like a new home.

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3. Consider Some Minor Renovations

There’s no need to always spend big on renovations before the client sells. If major renovations are required, be sure that your client is not overcapitalising and spending more than they will make back at sale time.

Kitchens and bathrooms usually provide the best return on investment. But before your client spends the time and money on renovations, remember that sometimes buyers might want to do their own kitchen and bathroom renovation themselves to make the home the way they like it.

4. Brighten Kitchen Benches

Rather than the client renovating an entire kitchen they can give the kitchen an instant uplift in appeal by just painting old benches and cupboards. This can freshen up the kitchen and save a major renovation project.

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5. Tidy Up a Bit

This tip will not cost your client anything. One of the best ideas to maximise your clients selling price is to simply tidy up and remove as many personal possessions as possible for property viewings and photographs.

Decluttering a home helps to make the space feel bigger, cleaner, and less like the potential buyer is intruding upon someone’s personal life during the viewing.

Your client is going to be moving out anyway, so they can start that process early and clean up as much as possible. The best time to do this is before photography is done for online listings. Presenting your clients property in the best state possible will maximise the number of inquiries received from potential buyers.

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