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About Nook

Nook is one of the fastest growing property listing companies in Metro Manila.  We’re bringing a new experience to the listings game.

Whether you are a tenant looking for your next home, a broker/agent selling properties, or a property owner looking to rent out your investment, you are certain to appreciate the benefits that Nook provides.

Nook has an extensive network of databased agencies which provides the unparalleled ability to find properties fast for any tenant. It’s why Nook has some of the industry’s most bold tenant and property owner guarantees.

Founded To Solve A Problem

Nook was founded with the purpose of bringing more professionalism and customer care when it comes to listing properties online.

The founders of Nook created the company in response to their own experience with renting out their luxury condo in Manila.  That experience left them knowing that the leasing industry in the Philippines was lacking professionalism and that there was no clear leader.

Today the company is building on lessons learned first hand and is growing fast.

Meet Our CEO

CEO | Nook

Chris Elder
Chief Executive Officer